Albany’s objectives

Our practices are closely underpinned by the Compassion in Practice strategy & we are committed to:

  1. Care

  2. Communication

  3. Compassion

  4. Courage

  5. Competence

  6. Commitment

Message from Victoria Mayne, Company Founder:

"Being in Albany's care means our clients should be able to trust us, it is fundamental for them to do so, which means ensuring the highest of standards. In order to achieve this we must treat our clients, colleagues and professional partners with compassion, kindness & respect".

Albany Housing Trust ‘Social Housing Innovators’

Albany housing trust are a not for profit supported accommodation provider where the majority of our properties are shared houses, where depending on the size of the property you may have between 2-5 clients living in a property together having exclusive and Sole access to their own private bedroom and sharing the kitchen, bathroom and communal areas such as the garden and living/dining room.

The clients in all our accommodations have various support needs which have acted as a barrier to entry when it comes to finding settled accommodation, applying for disability welfare benefits, obtaining job opportunities, accessing education and training programs, being able to access medical and holistic treatment as well as other free local services including mental health.

News & Events

September 27, 2021

Albany Housing Trust End of Summer Banquet

‘At Albany Housing Trust, our aim is to ease isolation and build communities. We find that holding events such as our end of summer banquet achieves this, clients from our different houses go on to build long and meaningful friendships. We were kindly donated food from a local Indian restaurant from one of our landlords, everyone had a great day and the room was filled with smiles and laughter. We look forward to holding our next Albany Housing Trust event.’ […]
May 25, 2021

Albany Housing Trust’s Tenant Committee Panel Meeting

April 8, 2021

TCP Meeting (April 2021)

The Tenant Committee Panel is formed of clients at Albany Housing Trust, there are positions within the TCP – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasury and Secretary. Tenant involvement is key at Albany, our committee meeting is held every month, where we discuss current affairs, improvements to be made within the organisation, the impact of Covid 19 and thoughts on the upcoming pandemic restrictions.   

Albany’s Volunteering Scheme

We pride ourselves on consistently providing our tenants with purposeful activities, where they are able to put their many skills to use whether it be painting and decoration, carrying out office duties, gardening skills to name a few.

Albany’s summer BBQ

Our summer BBQ went down a treat, with lots of yummy food and drink and an opportunity for our service users to meet and greet each other.


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