Housing Support NPO of the year

Housing Support NPO of the year

Albany Housing Trust is not-for-profit supported accommodation provider, with the majority of their properties being shared. Depending on the size of the property, it may house two to five clients living together, having exclusive and sole access to their own private bedroom, whilst sharing the kitchen, bathroom and communal areas, such as garden and living/dining room. All the clients possess various support needs which have acted as a barrier to entry following their efforts to find homes, the NPO also offers assistance for clients applying for disability welfare benefits, job opportunities, accessing education and training programs’, and medical treatment.

The judges were particularly impressed by the philanthropic services provided by the Norbury based NPO, who puts the needs of their community before everything else. For many, if not all, of the users of the charity’s support services, they are a vital part of their housing journey and through a collaborative approach, the NPO has been able to deliver on at least some of the complex care needs they require. The service is available for everyone in the local area who may be struggling to find shelter, which has been incredibly important for the borough’s homeless community in their quest to live more independently.

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