Designed for individuals who have been referred over to Albany Housing Trust from an external organisation.

Jacqueline, I just wanted to thank you for the all work you did to support my client to end their homelessness. She was street homeless when I contacted you and in a particularly dangerous situation through the way she was managing this. I am very relieved to know that she has now secured accommodation and the significant risks associated with her case have now been managed. Thank you.
Strengths & Asset Coach - CRISIS
My experience of working with Albany Housing Trust through Jacqueline Beckford- Barry has been an exceptional experience. She has been communicative and incredibly helpful throughout, understanding the issues of the client and being able to illicit the details needed in a highly respectful and compassionate manner, putting the client at ease and allowing trusting relationships to build. Having worked in mental health services for over 30 years, I can sincerely say that this is one of the best and productive interactions I have experienced in that time. I am so grateful and so is my client for the being treated in such a respectful and understanding manner. Many thanks to all at Albany Housing Trust.
Care Coordinator/Social Worker - START Team
Albany Housing jest dobre, dogaduję się ze współlokatorami, a Albany pomaga mi z jedzeniem, kiedy tego potrzebuję i oferuje pomoc w nauce angielskiego i znalezieniu pracy. Zaprzyjaźniłem się z innymi lokatorami Albany i jestem teraz szczęśliwszy niż wcześniej. Dziękuję wszystkim pracownikom Albany. Translation: Albany Housing is good, I get on with my housemates and Albany helps me with food when I need it and offers help for me to learn English and get into work. I have made friends with other Albany tenants and I am happier now than I was before. Thank you to all Albany staff.
MJ - Referred from St Mungos
During my two-week placement at AHT, ive developed a lot of new skills and have really enjoyed my time here. Whilst being here ive learnt how to properly communicate with clients and staff, how to properly take phone calls and how to document and upload files (even though it was quite alot) Ive really enjoyed going on trips to see and inspect the properties and interacting with clients and witnessing their different characters and personalities when they do come in. I think being at AHT for these two weeks has made me consider looking into this career field in the future as i really did enjoy my time here. I wanted to give a special thanks to the staff for making me feel very welcomed and always assisting me when needed and also keeping me very entertained.
Work Experience - AA
I had a delightful experience at Albany Housing Trust. There is such a friendly atmosphere and every single one of the staff that work there is so kind, genuine and passionate about battling homelessness and making Croydon a better place. They are so compassionate towards their clients and treat each client with the upmost care and attention, they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the clients receive top-notch services. From my short time in Albany, I am blown away by their dedication and their unparalleled drive. Their communication is seamless and they are always happy to help me or answer any questions I have. It was truly s wonderful experience and I hope their company continues o blossom in the future
Work Experience - CA
Dear Albany Housing Trust. Meeting arranged with Jacqueline Beckford-Barry, client, and her colleague on Friday 10th November, following complaints following client’s outburst when staff conduct welfare checks. Jacqueline was observed adopting a person-centred approach, she was pragmatic in attempts to address the issue raised. She listened intently to the client throughout, summarise what was said to ensure she captured the information correctly. The client felt heard and in resolving the complaint Jacqueline was willing to be flexible to accommodate the client needs. Jacqueline professionalism, problem solving, patience, and her client first attitude was evident in her practice, Albany Trust is very lucky to have her.
Care Coordinator/Social Worker - START Team
I Feel better now I am with Albany, couldn't be better. Albany is very good, the staff are great and friendly.
MS - Referred from St Mungos
I came from St Mungo and before that I was living on the streets at various places such as Woolwich, Croydon, Canada Waters and London Bridge. I am sleeping better, better then before and I feel good. I can now cook my own meals.
SA - Referred from St Mungos