I previously referred to Albany Housing Trust a year ago as I found myself in a dark place of my life. Everything seemed impossible and couldn’t find a way out. But in the process of being helped by the lovely people of Albany I have actually seen the light and realised that things can get better. A lot better infact! I have in the last six months qualified as a hairdresser and am going on to stay for level 3 and beyond. I feel very proud of myself and grateful for all the support I’ve had from Albany Housing Trust.


Hi Reader,  My name is AB and I came to Albany Housing Trust in May 2020 after being homeless and severely attacked whilst on the streets, I was also an alcoholic. The support I received from these kind ladies helped save my life. I have been sober for 18 months and am back in contact with my son. I want to say a huge Thank you to Albany Housing!!!  


I have been with Albany Housing Trust for around 2 years now, Albany have assisted me in applying for PIP to which I have now received my mobility car. This is not only what they have helped me with. They have given me support with prior debts, health appointments and with my family. They have all been fantastic.


Albany Housing Trust’s Jubilee Game Party was a very enjoyable afternoon. It was so nice to be able to interact with the other residents, just made me feel included in the celebration, where if I was not at the event, I would have stayed at home on my own. Being able to play some games, blackjack with Sacha, even when I did keep on beating her, and winning the hamper was a bonus. I never win anything; I called my children, and they were so surprised I won. There were everyday essentials and a few luxury items which just made me feel special. I can't wait for the next event to be able to come together and enjoy another afternoon with the lovely people of Albany Housing Trust.


'Thanks for supporting me in the past two years with my accommodation passport and visa. I'm very grateful for the support I have received from the team along with the hard work for the community. God bless.  I especially want to say thank you to Sacha for all her help in getting my travel document/s.  I have been waiting a long time for it to arrive and now I can finally go and see my mother in France.  I finally got it and I feel amazing'.  Thank you        



I loved the event, I loved seeing everyone. I really appreciate that this was put on for us. I cannot wait for the next one!


The event was brilliant I had such an amazing time playing dominos, pool, meeting and engaging with other service users. The food was nice however, it was the ambience and united support of Albany staff towards us service users reminding us that we are not alone on our journey for secure, safe, and supported housing. Gwaan Albany!!


I first wish to thank the company (Albany Housing Trust) for such a nice event in the office. The event was well organised and was an great opportunity to meet others. It's been great to be housed by such good and supportive staff of Albany especially with the support they give to us. This event took me back home when all the family came together on an occasion in which I have not had that opportunity for a long time. I would recommend anyone to Albany. I wish to say again a big thanks for allowing me to be there.


The event was interesting, it was out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it. It was very good day, I got beaten in snooker by a member of staff, only once though. I want a re-match at the next event.


I had an enjoyable time especially seeing everyone, we had a decent meal and got to take some home. I thoroughly enjoyed the table tennis. I’m looking forward to the next one.


I attended the St Patricks Day event at the office, it was very enjoyable, very good in fact and the food was lovely. I absolutely loved the snooker and didn’t want to get off it and also the table tennis. It was nice getting together and seeing other people and all the staff. Overall a very enjoyable day.


Before joining Albany, I suffered from low self-esteem, started to feel like less of a person and losing my independence, until I met Albany Housing, this became a blessing to me, improved my health. Staff at Albany Housing are very supportive, people persons, people who are professionals, they do their job professionally. What I have to say today is thank god to Albany housing, I wish other people with housing needs are referred to Albany Housing, they will find comfort, they will find respect and they will find full support. Albany housing have turned my life around, from the time I came into Albany Housing and they gave me a place. Albany Housing staff are a team, they are elegant, they are amazing, they are wonderful. I cannot explain more of what they are, they are above all. I am very very pleased to be with Albany housing


‘I moved from a different housing provider to Albany Housing Trust, Albany made the whole experience of moving stress free and they helped me sort out my bills to ensure that I could live independently in the future. Any enquiries I had were dealt with swiftly. Albany Housing Trust provided me with volunteer opportunities to help keep me busy, this also helped with my mental health. 

Daisey and Alexandra surprised me on my 30th birthday with a cake and balloons. 

I have now received my council self-contained accommodation, I will be forever grateful for the support and advice I received whilst at Albany Housing Trust. Thank you to all at Albany.’


I arrived at Albany Housing Trust in August 2018. I was sofa surfing prior to coming here as I had lost my previous accommodation. Whilst at Albany, I lived in shared houses before settling into a studio property which I was very happy to have been given as I know longer needed to share with anyone. During my time at Albany the staff were very helpful, supportive and went beyond to ensure that I was okay and understood my needs. Although I am sad, I am not with Albany anymore, I have now moved into my own council property and have learnt things that I can take away with me. I want to say thank you to all the staff at Albany who have supported me on my journey.


We are very proud that AS has successfully moved on from Albany Housing Trust to his own self contained property. He has also started his own business; a barber shop,  he has very kindly offered AHT clients £5 concession haircuts as well as offering free haircuts to Albany service users during Covid.Thank you Ayoub and good luck in your new home and with your new business.


‘SAE joined us in 2019, she has now successfully found a full time job and has secured her own council tenancy. SAE is very thankful to all Albany Housing Trust staff for the support.’


I have made some big and major steps since joining Albany Housing Trust, when I joined them I was homeless. Since being housed with Albany Housing Trust I have been given the opportunity to embark on painting volunteer work, I absolutely love painting especially when the job is completed and you get to see the satisfaction on everyone's face, it definitely boosts morale. My focus is to get back to working in full time employment.


‘Albany Housing Trust helped me to move into a safe and comfortable environment, before, I was all over the place now being with Albany has allowed me to concentrate and focus on my future much more as I feel more stable. The people that work for Albany Housing Trust are fantastic, they work within your needs and understand, they work as if you are their family’.


Albany staff are brilliant people; I really wouldn’t be where I am right now without the support from them, and I am very grateful for all the help I have received over my time at Albany Housing Trust


After 18 months with Albany Housing Trust Alan handed back his keys and moved into his own accommodation. We are so proud of you AF and wish you happiness in your new home. 

AF said ‘ Without the help from the whole team at Albany Housing I have little doubt that I would be back to homelessness by now. It has taken less than a year and a half form them taking me under their wing to me being given my own flat with Croydon Council. I really cannot give any higher praise, to everyone on their team, they have all been nothing short of amazing


Since joining Albany Housing Trust in October 2019 Ayoub has completed an ESOL Course and has been in his Voluntary work placement for over 1 year and is now a qualified barber. AS has progressed through the service from a 4 bed to a self contained property and is now ready to leave supported accommodation. “Albany Housing Trust are great, I have come such a long a long way”.


Meet JH, who joined Albany Housing Trust in June of 2020 and moved into one of our four-bedroom male accommodations, he quickly settled in and formed strong bonds  with his housemates. Jamshaid sadly lost his job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and was left sleeping in his car.  Since joining Albany Housing JH has managed to secure a full-time job and has since found a private rented accommodation in Thornton Heath. He thanks Albany Housing Trust for all the support he received, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


As someone who suffers from mental health, World mental health day is so important, it raises awareness of mental health. Mental health is not always obvious unless we talk about it, we can hide it with a smile.


“I was homeless, sleeping rough before I was put in contact with Albany Housing Trust. I was interviewed by staff who were very welcoming. I was offered a house share. I couldn’t believe the size of the room and property. I have been so happy with the service, house and experience. I’m very fortunate to be in such a positive position, with good back-up and support.”


JJ came to Albany in August 2018 as he found himself with nowhere to live after the breakdown of his relationship. JJ had started to self medicate with alcohol and drugs because he did not have a suitable and steady accommodation.


Albany are great, very supportive. Love Albany Staff. They are great. The girls are great always ringing to check up on me.


Albany have really helped me, they are so supportive. I started in a 4 bedroom shared property now I am living in a 1 bedroom flat by myself; this is all thanks to Albany. I am so happy at Albany because of them I am living independently..