About us

Albany Housing Trust ‘Social Housing Innovators’

At Albany we pride ourselves on being enthusiasts in supported accommodation to our myriad of clients who are supported by our experienced staff with the vision that our service users move onto independent living.

Albany currently work with the Network Foodbank by Trussell Trust and are approved distributers of Foodbank vouchers.

Albany’s mission is to enrich & enlighten our clients individually in a safe environment through our supported accommodation service.

Client involvement is a key aspect of Albany’s core values and we truly believe the voice of our services users are paramount and key to the clients having an independent and forward moving future.

Support Care Plans

Important planning of our tailored support plans is vital for delivering quality care alongside the involvement with service users in a meaningful way. At Albany, we understand the philosophy behind a service user led approach and how it can be used to provide a high-quality service that meets the induvial needs. At the core of our planning is the understanding that the views and perceptions of those on the receiving end of our service are taken account of, valued, and acted upon to create a culture of partnership, participative, decision making and collaboration.


To help us ensure that we deliver our utmost highest quality services to you, we abide by SCREW:

Safe - Do our services keep service users, staff and any outside visitors safe?

Caring - How do we ensure that our staff treat our service users with compassion, kindness and respect?

Responsive - How can Albany respect client involvement to ensure a forward moving future for the clients?

Effective - Can Albany’s values and support create a positive impact on our service  user’s lives and the wider community?

Well led - Can our staff use their continued professional development to ensure appropriate support?


Support is offered by our experienced staff with the vision that our clients will move on to independent living.

Our aims and core values are to:

  • Support our clients in a safe environment
  • Assist in the transition from sleeping on the street to safe supported accommodation
  • Guidance and direction advice for those seeking education and employment
  • Encouraging social and life skills
  • Providing information on healthy living
  • Safeguarding
  • Move on plan

We work with various property agencies managing a variation of property types.