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December 3, 2021
Emergency First Aid At Work

Emergency First Aid At Work

Staff at Albany Housing Trust successfully completed Emergency First Aid at work level 3 VTQ training with ProTrainings. The aim of this vital training is to preserve life, prevent a condition from worsening and also to promote recovery. We developed skills on how to provide immediate care for injuries and illnesses that develop while people are working, including contacting the emergency medical services, offering reassurance to patients and bystanders, ensuring that staff are protected from injury and infection, examining a […]
September 27, 2021

Albany Housing Trust End of Summer Banquet

‘At Albany Housing Trust, our aim is to ease isolation and build communities. We find that holding events such as our end of summer banquet achieves this, clients from our different houses go on to build long and meaningful friendships. We were kindly donated food from a local Indian restaurant from one of our landlords, everyone had a great day and the room was filled with smiles and laughter. We look forward to holding our next Albany Housing Trust event.’ […]
May 25, 2021

Albany Housing Trust’s Tenant Committee Panel Meeting

April 8, 2021

TCP Meeting (April 2021)

The Tenant Committee Panel is formed of clients at Albany Housing Trust, there are positions within the TCP – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasury and Secretary. Tenant involvement is key at Albany, our committee meeting is held every month, where we discuss current affairs, improvements to be made within the organisation, the impact of Covid 19 and thoughts on the upcoming pandemic restrictions.